You're Still Here (Silverthorn Demo)

by Taylor Abrahamse

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When you download this song, all proceeds going to Bryn Scott-Grimes to support his musical ambitions.

Recorded a few years ago as a surprise birthday gift for my friend & long-time othermotherbrother Bryn Scott-Grimes. Best friend you could ever ask for. Having pretty much lived with/laughed with/worked with each other in some capacity the last 12 years ('a couple doors down the hall' at University and at two homes!) it was a huge shock to the system when a mere 12 days ago, we lost our beloved recording studio & home of 8 years - not only because of the dubious circumstances surrounding that, but also, that it necessitated us to truly move on to new phases of our lives. While that reality can feel hard, and at times just as sad as losing the studio - He's still here, we're still here, and I'm thankful for all we've been through.

Taking this rare moment to say thanks, close the book on this chapter, and see what's on the next page. Who knows how our worlds will continue to intertwine.

Making this song public for his birthday this year, newly mastered... Made primarily back in 2018/19 and shared with him then, but micro-dubbed/mastered recently to give it a bit more spice.

"And wherever you go, its a beautiful life.
And I'm so glad, you were here."

Happy birthday sire.

(c) 2018-2022 taylormademusic


I was wishing upon a star
Praying for someone to come along
And turn my life around it’d traveled so far
A couple doors down the hall
That's hows it been for so long
Sharing the dreams we have, the people we are

Do you have any idea what it means…
To feel like you’ll never belong
And to have somebody come along?

I don’t say it enough, yeah, my faults are all too clear
I don’t say it enough but I’m so so glad…
You’re still here.

Counting the days till then
When the grey cloud fades, and the sun shines in
Why don’t we both grab a guitar and smell the roses?

Ohhh I want the whole world to know

I don’t say it enough, yeah my faults are all too clear
I don’t say it enough but I’m so so glad…
For all of the laughter, all these years,
I’m so glad
You’re still here.

All the people I let fade away over one thing or another
When all we really have is each other…
Da da da da…
Thank God that I and thank God that you’re still here
I want the whole world to know
Thank god that you’re and,
Hey everybody, we’re still here!

I don’t say it enough, yeah my faults are all too clear
Oh I don’t say it enough but I’m so so glad
For the very first time, in my whole life,
Someone was there to help me speak my mind
Thank god that I and thank god that you’re still here
Hey everybody, we’re still here!

And wherever you go…
Its a beautiful life.
And I’m so glad,
You were here.


released May 12, 2022
Written & produced by Taylor Abrahamse
Engineered & mixed by Jason Burgos & Taylor Abrahamse

Guitars/Vocals: Taylor Abrahamse
Drums: Lewis Spring
Keys: Steve Lavery
Bass: Stacey Shopsowitcz
Unsuspecting Harmonica Note/Voice At End: Bryn

Photography: King Street Photography, 2015.




Taylor Abrahamse Toronto, Ontario

Like a maple leaf caught in a gust above the Ontario prairies, Taylor blissfully floats between the borders of songwriting with his hook-laden hammerclaw pop. Debut out now, produced with Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, etc).

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